Tis the season for proposals. Whether it's popping the question with the help of police or a well laid plan, nothing will top this one thanks to a little boy who had to pee.

Kevin Przytula took his girlfirend Allyssa Elizabeth and her son Owen to Michigan. During their trip, Przytula dropped to one knee to pop the question. Behind him, Owen dropped his pants.

"Oh my God. He's peeing. Are you serious?" asked Przytula when he turned to see what all the laughter was about.

The video has gone viral and will make for a great moment when little Owen grows up and gets engaged himself. It HAS to be played at his wedding reception.

A Syracuse couple also got engaged. It happened on the kissing bench, one of the most romantic places to kiss, when Brett Aston proposed to his girlfriend Allison Clark after she graduated. Now THAT'S a graduation present.

Watch the happy moment thanks to Syracuse.com.

Rome police recently helped another couple with their engagement. They pulled over the car for a 'complaint of a verbal dispute.' As Brandon Snyder stepped out, his girlfriend Makayla looked confused.

Watch the moment this couple won't soon forget.

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