Looking for a special place to share a kiss? Take a trip to the Kissing Bench on the S.U. Campus! It was just voted one of the most romantic places to kiss around the world!

The list has special places from all over the world and Syracuse made it's way on the list. Pretty cool right? Other places that made the cut include Santa Monica Pier, The Eiffel Tower, and even The Bridge of Sighs in Italy. Pretty cool that CNY made such a world known list!

So what exactly is The Kissing Bench? First and foremost the bench was a memorial left to the campus from the class of 1912.

How did it get known as a kissing bench? In the 1950's the tradition held that a co-ed kissed on the bench would not become a spinster. In the 1970's the tradition changed to that a woman must be kissed on the bench in order to graduate and marry. Currently, the tradition states that if a man and women kiss while sitting on the stone bench, the couple will eventually marry.

The bench currently sits between the Hall of Languages and the Tolley Building. Happy kissing.


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