Popping the question is stressful enough but when you bring in outside help, it can make any man break out in a sweat. Just ask Brandon Snyder who had Rome Police help with a surprise proposal.

Brandon and Makayla were pulled over by police Tuesday morning May 8th for what police said was 'a complaint of a verbal dispute.' "I was so confused," says Makayla. "They had Brandon get out of the car first for safety issues. Then they pulled me out. When I walked behind the vehicle I couldn't figure out why Brandon was on the ground. This is so weird. Then I saw the ring."

The surprise proposal was all Brandon's idea, something his family wasn't too keen on. "They didn't like it. They didn't think it was very romantic but I thought it was more my personality."

The idea was easier to come with than actually popping the question for Brandon, who admits to being nervous. "It was hot out," joked Brandon. "I was definitely nervous. I didn't really know what to so but her reaction clouded what I had to say."

The newly engaged couple met in Alaska where Brandon was stationed in the Army and Makayla is from. "I have to go back and finish school but I'll be back," says Makayla. "I'm planning on moving to central New York."

It'll be 5 months before Makayla returns and jokes the distance may make the wedding planning a little easier. "There won't really be any arguments since it'll be over text."

There's plenty of time for plans though. Brandon and Makayla haven't even set a date yet. "We have to decide whether to do it here in New York or have it in Alaska."

The one thing the couple does know is the memorable proposal wouldn't have been possible without the cooperation of the Rome Police Department. "We really appreciate them and they wouldn't accept a lunch on us," says Brandon. "They just wanted to do it out of the kindness of their heart."

Maybe Makayla can call on the Rome police when it's time for payback. Something she could start thinking about now. "I think I will," she jokes.

Watch the full proposal below.

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