UPDATE July 17th: The New Hartford Olive Garden will open August 12th for lunch.

After reading Matt Herkimer's story about construction starting on the new Olive Garden in New Hartford, I got as excited as his wife.  I decided to stop by the site on Commercial Drive to take pictures and see if I could get information on when it'll be open.

Workers were digging trenches when I arrived, waiting to pour the footing.  The foreman Mike asked if I was there to delivery the concrete.  Do I look like someone who would be delivering concrete?

If the concrete arrives and Mother Nature cooperates, the Italian restaurant chain is expected to be open in about four months.  We'll be eating unlimited salad and bread sticks by mid July.  But my question is, where will we park?  The site didn't look big enough for an Olive Garden AND a parking lot big enough to accommodate everyone.

Will you try the new Olive Garden when its open or will you stay with the local Italian restaurants? Vote below and check out pictures from the construction site on Commercial Drive in New Hartford.