The WWE's John Cena is well known for his charity work and inspiring others to be their best. His motto 'never give up' inspired some of his fans to fight through tough times. Now they're letting him know what that meant to them.

Cena has made headlines for tons of charitable contributions over the years, from visiting the troops to making stops at children's hospitals to raise kids' spirits.

He's known for his stellar involvement with the Make-A-Wish Foundation where he has granted over 500 wishes, including a Boonville boy who is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis.

Recently, a group of his fans got together to repay the actor and wrestler for inspiring them to never give up.

Cena was brought to a studio to read thank-you letters from those fans, and was stunned when those fans surprised him in person.

Each fan came out one-by-one and got to personally thank John for his inspiration, and what was the most touching part of the event was Cena's genuine, heartfelt reaction.

It's amazing to see someone who is so famous really take the time out of his life to show people he cares.

Being a dude, it makes me feel funny to admit it, but I cried like a baby when that little boy's mother appeared in front of Cena, and he almost broke down himself.

Watch the video to see the impact John Cena has had on the lives of his fans.

Has a celebrity ever inspired you to keep fighting to reach a goal? Whether it's about health, life, work, or just an inspiration to be your best every day, we want to know about it.



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