Jimmy Kimmel, who is known for his infamous pranks, is at it again.  He made a video of a woman Twerking and falling into a table of candles, catching fire. The video got over 9 million views on YouTube in less than a week.  Jimmy made the fake video just to see what would happen. What happened was the video got picked up by hundreds of media outlets across the country.

The girl was actually a stunt woman named Daphne Avalon.  When she fell back into the table of candles, it was Kimmel who came in the room to put the fire out, NOT a roommate.


Although Jimmy has pulled a number of pranks, most on kids, this one takes the cake. He didn't even promote the video prank. He just posted it on YouTube and let the magic happen.

Kimmel gives as good as he gets.  Watch as he's sprayed with a hose for Father's Day by his son, a prank he wanted his viewers to do.

Watch Johnny Depp Kisses Jimmy Kimmel, On the Lips, Twice

Johnny Depp was on Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy mentioned Johnny is a pretty good-looking guy. The compliment earned him TWO KISSES ON THE LIPS. Johnny first went for a kiss on the cheek after Kimmel said ' You have this very handsome, this - Let's just be honest and say beautiful face.'

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