Jimmy Kimmel has been encouraging parents to do it for years. Tell your kids you ate all the Halloween candy and video their reaction. The results are hilarious and we want to get in on the action. Send us your kids being told the candy is gone and you could go to FrogFest 2018.

Amber Friedersdorf of Lowville and her husband have already done it. "I didn't eat dinner tonight. I got really hungry and I ate all your candy," dad tells Vaughn. "We can go trick or treating next year."

When asked if Vaughn was mad, he said "no," but he was a little baffled. "You ate the sour warheads too? I didn't believe that."

Send us your video telling the kids you ate all the Halloween candy and we'll give you a treat. You'll be the first to win tickets to FrogFest 2018. Email Polly@BigFrog104.com, tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or send in the Big Frog app. We'll draw one winner from all the entries at random to get the first tickets to FrogFest next year.

Deadline to send entries is Sunday, November 5th at midnight.


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