Free haircut anyone? 5 year-old Teddy may be able to help you out after shaving his sibling's heads while mom was in the shower.

Stephanie Plucknette shared the disaster on Instagram. Her younger brother reposted the video on Twitter, and it quickly went viral.

Teddy found the electric shaver mom had left out. "I forgot I left the shaver out after using it on the dog," Stephanie said when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel.

In the short time it takes to shower, Teddy had buzzed off brother Fred's hair, half of sister Eloise's and his own. "It's just hair. It'll grow back," Stephanie told the kids through her tears.

Stephanie and her husband Ben currently live in San Antonio, Texas, but are central New York natives. They grew up, met and married in Rochester, New York according to Democrat and Chronicle.

Jimmy Kimmel sent Mickey Mouse hats to cover everyone's bald head and a little surprise. "We're going to send the whole family to Disney Land."

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