Johnny Depp was on Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy mentioned Johnny is a pretty good-looking guy.  The compliment earned him TWO KISSES ON THE LIPS.

Johnny first went for a kiss on the cheek after Kimmel said 'You have this very handsome, this – Let's just be honest and say beautiful face.'  When the girls in the audience went crazy, he went back for the two on the lips, leaving Kimmel stumbling over his words and finally admitting 'That's more kissing than I did in all of high school.' To which Depp replied 'Me, too.' Yeah right!

Next time I run into Johnny I'll remember to pay him the same compliment so I can get a few kisses too.

This isn't the first time Jimmy has been kissed on the lips by another man.  Charlie Sheen also had a lip lock with Kimmel.

'Cute Kids' of the Day Spray Dad With Hose for Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO]

YouTube Jimmy Kimmel is known for stirring up trouble with his YouTube challenges. There was the prank where parents pretended to eat all their kids Halloween candy. Then it was the ' Rotten Christmas Gifts' gag, followed by ' I Silverstoned My Kids.' This time it's the kids who get revenge.

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