Can you imagine looking up to the sky and seeing something really strange? One UFO report from Syracuse had one person stunned to see a green fireball over the skies.

The poster reported the brilliant Green fireball streak to the National UFO Reporting Database. They report that the fireball shot from cloud perfectly straight down toward the ground on December 8th shortly after midnight:

A flash in or reflecting off of the bottom of the cloud occurred instantly after. There was no explosive sound of any kind. But two brief and very faint electrical surge sounds as the incident occurred."

The poster then writes that they noticed a few small pinpoints of light moving through the clouds that made them nervous.

I began to notice more floating at my 12 o'clock. I stood still and observed the lights float overhead. One moved erratically for a few seconds like a fruit fly and then resumed its path. There turned out to be to many to try and count. They were all even in size and somewhat amber in color. They did not twinkle......It was very unsettling."

What do you think this poster witnessed? Did they witness something similar to this video?


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