Polly's All Nighter was full of dancing, drinking and drag queens. From birthday celebrations to letting loose after a long, stressful week, the ladies took over La Quinta Inn & Suites in Verona Friday, February 5th.

There were women in dresses and crowns, homemade t-shirts and even pajamas. They played games, shopped, got massages, danced and were entertained by the highlight of the evening; the drag queens.

You can always tell how much fun you had by how you feel the next morning. Head hurts. Too much drinking. Legs hurt. Too much dancing. Voice hurts. Too much yelling. You can also tell how old you are when it still all hurts two days later.

Thanks for making Polly's All Nighter another success even if I didn't starting coming out of it until Monday morning.

Check out photos from the night.