Polly's All Nighter 2020

What a night ladies! Polly's All Nighter 2020 back to the 80s. La Quinta Inn was full of leg warmers, parachute pants, spandex, blue eye shadow and even light up shoes.

It was hard to crown the best dressed of the night, but the honor went to Lisa Deering, or should we say Madonna.


Eddie Arcuri Jr., otherwise known as our 'Boy Toy,' kicked off the night by turning grown women into screaming teenagers.

Photo Credit - Roger Johnston

Then it was on to the games.

Photo Credit - Roger Johnston

Wheels got the party started on the dance floor. My body aches in places they haven't ached in years.

Photo Credit - Roger Johnston

The hot commodity of the night , a Rubik Cube purse, was donated to be auctioned off for charity. Mary Houseman is the proud new owner. Thank you for your $180 St Jude donation.

Photo Credit - Roger Johnston

The Drag Queens capped off the night with an 80s show, getting everyone involved in the act.

Drag Queens

Thank you Roger Johnston for capturing the best moments of the night, Holy Smoques BBQ for the taco bar to soak up the alcohol, all the vendors that provided shopping options, including our sponsor Adirondack Furniture, and the La Quinta Inn staff for dealing with us and cleaning up our mess.

Most importantly, thank YOU ladies. You made the night! I may need til Polly's All Nighter 2021 to recover.

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