We always say what happens at Polly's All Nighter stays at Polly's All Nighter and this year it's really true. The camera person shot footage of the floor....the entire night.

I'm guessing when they thought the camera was recording it was actually off and when they hit the button again to record they actually turned it off. Since someone else was taking care of the camera, I of course didn't shoot any video or take one picture. There was some video of dancing and a few pictures from ladies at the event, including when we tried to see how many women we could fit in the Volkswagon Atlas. I think we managed to squeeze in 15.

Kate Mondi
Kate Mondi

Thanks to everyone who made Polly's All Nighter another success; the vendors, Wheels the DJ, the entertainment, the caterers and especially the La Quinta staff who had to put up with us all night.

Check out some of the pictures we did manage to get from the wild night that I'm glad is on Friday because it takes two days to recover!

Polly's All Nighter Photo Gallery


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