Polly's All Nighter

Everything Polly's All Nighter Has to Offer
We have quite a list of things to do during Polly's All Nighter this Friday. Yes, there will drinking and dancing, and the drag queens will be there to put on a show for you, but there are a lot of other things you'll be able to check out.
Polly's All Nighter [VIDEO + PHOTOS]
Polly's All Nighter was full of dancing, drinking and drag queens. From birthday celebrations to letting loose after a long, stressful week, the ladies took over La Quinta Inn & Suites in Verona Friday, February 5th.
Meet the Queens of Polly's All Nighter
The Queens steal the night every year at Polly's All Nighter. Meet this year's ladies who will be the highlight of our ladies only hotel take over; Katrina, India Bombay, Dusty Boxx, Monroe Sediwck and Miss Viola.

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