What's the secret to a long and happy marriage?  Just ask Kenny and Selma who have been together 72 years. They put together a video toast for their grandchildren, Mike & Sue who were getting married, with 5 tips to a happy marriage.

It starts out as any wedding toast would, but soon takes a turn when Kenny doesn't agree with his wife's tips.  Then it gets awkward as they begin discussing travel and a trip to Italy, where Kenny flirted with a topless woman at the pool.  They even show the picture to prove it. But its the tip about arguing that will make you laugh.  Kenny argues as she explains her last tip.  It all ends well as the two drink to the happy couple and share a kiss.  A kiss Selma hasn't had in awhile.  'I haven't kissed him like that in 25 years.'

The best piece of advice; laugh together. Laugh hard and laugh often.  It seemed to work for Kenny and Selma.  This senior couple is almost as cute as the two trying to figure out the computer webcam.

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