Have you ever had a negative customer service experience over the phone? It's very easy to lose your cool when you're just interacting with a voice, especially when you're not getting what you want. It can be equally frustrating for a customer service representative, but what happened to Ricardo and Lisa Brown is unacceptable, even though it was quite funny!

When the Brown family discovered a discrepancy with their bill, they did what any frustrated customer would do; they called Comcast up to get it resolved. Ideally, you always want things to remain calm, however that never usually ends up being the case. The employee who handled Mr. Brown's case didn't take too kindly to his call so he decided to do something about it.

CBS News Has The Report:

I'm sorry, but that is just hilarious! The fact that someone would have the courage to change a customer's name on a bill, especially to A**hole is just plain funny. Good customer service? Absolutely not. Was it satisfying for the employee? Probably. Entertaining for us? You bet!
To see a photo of the bill with the changed name visit: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/comcast-apologizes-for-changing-customers-billing-name-to-profanity/