Philadelphia Eagles star running back LeSean McCoy signed a $45 million contract extension back in 2012. Having said that, I find it hard to believe that the 26-year-old All Pro back is hard up for cash. Than why is it that he only left a $0.20 tip on a bill worth $61.56? Beats me!


PYT Owner Shares His Side Of The Story via Facebook

Post by PYT.

Here Is a Facebook Post from PYT:

Post by PYT.

'PYT' is a burger joint in Philadelphia. According to an article on, reporter Molly Eichel interviewed the server Rob Knelly and this is what he had to say about the incident:

I wasn’t surprised [by the tip], I saw it coming. They were extremely rude. I kept my cool for as along as I could, where you just don’t want them yelling and cursing you.

A representative of McCoy was contacted by Eichel, but had not yet had a comment prepared, as he had not heard from McCoy.

This brings up the evergreen issue of the importance of tipping your server. I understand sometimes that servers can be very rude and terrible at their jobs, but at the same time tips are a part of their income. For those who have never worked in the food service industry, waiters and waitresses make a salary well below minimum wage in the anticipation of tips bringing that wage up. If the server doesn't make it to minimum wage, the owner of the establishment than has to pay the difference to equate the hours worked to the legal minimum wage.

In this case, I don't see how someone who makes more money than they know what to do with can bring 3 other people into a restaurant treat them to a meal and then in good conscience tip that low. It's kind of sickening. I hope McCoy makes it up to this kid somehow or comes up with a logical explanation.