If there was a contest for the most creative sign during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, this one wins. A corner store in Syracuse is trying to give central New Yorkers a reason to laugh during this difficult time with a little social distancing humor.

Delles Corner Store recently changed their sign, with one side taking a dig at people who still refuse to quarantine and social distance themselves from others.


The other side of the sign perfectly describes the struggles of adjusting plans that those who have been quarantining know all too well.

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The store's manager, Morgan Delles, told CNY Central she has been filling the sign for ten years and likes to use it to make people smile and remember her store. While Delles has mostly heard positive feedback about her coronavirus-themed signs, there have been a couple people who raised concerns about her making light of the pandemic.

"Unfortunately, there's nothing else you can do at this time, so you might as well laugh," Delles told CNY Central.

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