It's natural to think that breast cancer only impacts women, but men are susceptible to the disease as well. A guy may not have breasts like that of lady, but breast tissue still exists. It's no doubt that more women are diagnosed than men, but the threat is real. According to the American Cancer Society, 440 men will DIE from breast cancer in 2016.

It's said that for the past 30 years of study, the risk of a male being diagnosed are 1 in 1,000. There are many risk factors to detecting an abnormality. First, it's important to know exactly why women are more prone to this type of cancer. The American Cancer Society says,

Like all cells of the body, a man's breast duct cells can undergo cancerous changes. But breast cancer is less common in men because their breast duct cells are less developed than a woman’s and because they normally have lower levels of female hormones that affect the growth of breast cells.

Everything from to aging, family history, or inherited gene mutations can cause breast cancer in men. Pay attention to all the signs, and feel free to ask your doctor for more information on breast cancer in men. It's important to raise awareness in the month of October for not just the many strong and brave women who've battled this terrible disease, but everyone who may face this unfortunate reality.

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