Keep a close eye on your holiday gift cards. A Liverpool woman claims money went missing from hers and the money was spent at a Walmart that doesn't even exist.

Liz Schoolcraft received a $100 Walmart gift card from her father to help buy gifts for the holidays. "On December 6th I used the card for a total of 74.29," Schoolcraft writes on Facebook. Less than 24 hours later when she returned to the Cicero Walmart, the card was empty. "The remaining 25.71 was used on the card, while it was in my pants pocket and I was asleep at home."

The receipt shows it was used at store 9115, which Schoolcraft says "according to Wal-Mart, this is a fictitious, nonexistent store."

Schoolcraft posted the receipt on Faebook to warn others and it's been shared thousands of times with hundreds of comments. "Our best protection against crime is looking out for each other and notifying the law enforcement agencies that can prosecute."

Keep a close eye on your gift cards this holiday season or consider giving cash this Christmas rather than a gift card. Scammers can't get their hands on that.


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