If you really love 'A Christmas Story' you probably watch it a few times when it runs for 24 hours on Christmas Eve, but if you really love it you build the movie's iconic house out of LEGOS.

A CNY man has done just that, and his creation could become a real LEGO set if enough fans support the idea.

Syracuse.com reports that Jason Middaugh of Marcellus built a replica of the house in 'A Christmas Story' out of LEGOS with his daughter.

The house is complete with Ralphie and his family, the 'pink nightmare' bunny suit and even the world famous 'major award' leg lamp that really lights up!


Building the house out of every day LEGO pieces took the family about six months and over 2,000 LEGO blocks.

Meanwhile, LEGO says if the project can get 10,000 signatures of support on their website, it will consider making real versions that someone will have to buy me for Christmas.

This has actually worked in the past with sets like 'The Big Bang Theory,' and 'Ghostbusters.'

As of this writing, the LEGO 'A Christmas Story House' has 9,675 signatures with 372 days left to sign.

You can support the 'A Christmas Story House' LEGO project at LEGO.com, where you'll also be able to see 30+ pictures of the creation.

Just don't let the Bumpuses' smelly hounds near it.


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