A 'skimmer' is a device that actively steals your credit card information, and one has been discovered hooked up to a gas station in upstate New York.

The skimmer was found in Ogdensburg, NY around November 30, when a pump maintenance worker was checking the pumps at 301 Champlain Street Sunoco.

Since then, several people have complained to the Ogdensburg Police and the St. Lawrence County Sheriff about fraudulent charges on their account, according to WatertownDailyTimes.com.

Ogdensburg Detective Jarrett LeClair told the Watertown Daily Times anyone who has used their card at that station should check your accounts daily to be safe.

“The device that was found is a device that is placed inside the pump itself and is unable for anyone to see,” he added. “Everyone should use caution any time they use their cards at gas pumps; it is always safer to pay inside the store.”

Always be careful using your credit or debit cards, and check your account after each use to make sure you're being charged properly.


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