The mistletoe is missing in New York City this year over sexual harassment concerns.

The 'Kisstletoe' was hung outside Grand Central Station with a sign encouraging holiday travelers to 'Look Up! Pucker Up.' But they were taken down after a sexual harassment outcry from women.

"It’s a holiday tradition but given the conversation about sexual assault right now it’s bad timing. Putting this up, you’re asking for trouble," Sondra Rapoport told the New York Post.

Jenny Perolta agreed, telling the site, "get the hell away from me. No one said you can kiss me."

Others felt the mistletoes were a mistake. "You don't have to get under the kissletoe," Greg Owens tweeted.

Was killing the 'Kissletoe' a smart move after the #Metoo movement that was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year or an overreaction?


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