What would Christmas in Utica be without our iconic food choices? We've taken the 12 Days of Christmas and given it a delicious twist with the best of Utica's food choices.

Here are the foods that we have substituted for the original song lyrics. After all, aren't 11 chocolate pusties much better than 11 pipers piping?

  • 12 chicken wings
  • 11 chocolate pusties
  • 10 tomato pie squares
  • 9 half moons
  • 8 pizza slices
  • 7 salt potatoes
  • 6 Saranacs
  • 5 jelly buns
  • 4 scoops of greens
  • 3 pints from Stewart's
  • 2 turkey joints
  • And a giant tray of chicken riggies!

There you have it. The next time someone plays the original version, correct them by showing off your hometown pride with the 12 Days of Christmas Utica Food Style.

You'll probably make them hungry while you're at it, so maybe have a turkey Joint or two handy.


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