Yes, it's National Cellphone Courtesy Month (click the link to read more about it) and that means people should be more self-aware of their cellphone usage, right? What do you think about people who use their cellphones while on a date? That's not very good cellphone etiquette. But, it does happen according to the dating website Zoosk. A survey conducted by the dating website shows 33 percent of people have ended a date early because the person they were on the date with was "too absorbed with their cellphone."

What would you do in that situation? You are having a nice date with someone you really like and they are constantly looking at their cellphone--what would you do?

Zoosk's survey asked what are some bad "cellphone-related behaviors" you can do while you are on a date. Topping the list as the worst thing you can do with your cellphone while on a date is "constantly glancing" at your phone. That's from 86 percent of the respondents. Another not so courteous thing to do while on a date, according to 73 percent, is sending a text message to someone. Can you imagine it?--Sitting at dinner, talking to someone and they are sending a text message. How rude! And, with 51 percent of the vote, taking a call is the third "biggest cellphone offense," according to the survey.

Now, with all that being said, there is another interesting finding from the survey. 25 percent of those polled had no problems with the person they were on the date with "being distracted" by their phone.

What a date, huh? You are trying to talk to the person at the other end of the table and they are too involved in a text message conversation. My advice: leave your cellphones in the car, especially if you are going on a date.

What do you think about all this? Are you fine with someone checking their cellphone while you are on a date with them? Does it bother you?