Picture this: You're out a restaurant, or at the park, or maybe you are riding a train and you are just minding your own business and you hear a cellphone ring. Someone answers it, but they aren't using their "inside voices" while they carry on the conversation. And, you are forced to hear a conversation you care nothing about. Well, for those loud cellphone talkers, July is National Cellphone Courtesy Month.

As far as the origins of the event, according to Jacqueline Whitmore's website, an "international etiquette expert," she says she founded the event in the early 2000s "with the intent to encourage the increasingly unmindful corps of cellphone users to be more respectful of their surroundings by using some simple cellphone etiquette principles."

Whitmore has a few etiquette tips for those who use cellphones. In addition to letting your calls go to voicemail when you are in meetings or at restaurants, she says, on her website, to "speak in your regular conversation tone" while on your cellphone and to set your phone to vibrate or shut it off when you are in a public place.

For those of us who can walk, talk and text all at the same time, Whitmore has this tip: "When walking and talking on your wireless phone, be aware of your surroundings and remember to respect the rights of others."

If you're looking to brush up on how to be courteous while using your cellphone, here's the full list of Whitmore's tips.

How mindful are you of your surroundings when you get a call on your cellphone?