Texting While Walking Claims Another Victim [VIDEO]
We have long been aware of the danger texting while driving poses. Now we are becoming equally aware of the pitfalls of texting while walking. The most recent case of text-walking ending badly came this week when an Indiana women, Bonnie Miller, fell into a river connecting to Lake Michigan while wa…
Cellphones And Dates Not So Perfect Combination
Yes, it's National Cellphone Courtesy Month (click the link to read more about it) and that means people should be more self-aware of their cellphone usage, right? What do you think about people who use their cellphones while on a date? That's not very good cellphone etiquette. But, it does happen a…
Mutitasking Drivers
Surfing the net, talking and texting. We can do it all now on our cellphone. But, can you do it all while you drive? Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, many people do!