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You Can Get Paid $2,400 to Unplug for 24 Hours
Can you unplug for 24 hours? No texting. No social media. No online shopping. No gaming and no smart watches for an entire day. Reviews.org wants to give someone $2,400 to go 24 hours without technology in the Digital Detox Challenge.
Fake Cellphone Towers In Utica?
Have you ever looked up at a cellphone tower and wondered if it truly was real, or some crazy government project spying on you? Well, you can drop the crazy government part, but some cellphone towers are fake across the U.S.
Keeping A Landline
It seems as if cell phones have always been with us but they haven't. I don't remember exactly when cells started to become omnipresent but today almost everyone has one. Where does that leave the venerable land line, you know, the phone hooked up to the wall? Believe it or not there are s…
What Happens When A Woman Forgets Her Cell Phone [VIDEO]
It has happened to all of us. We leave the house without our cell phone and miss that important call, can't take that great picture or are left at sea when all of our friends are sharing the most important texts ever. Actress Charlene DeGuzman has produced a hilarious video of the disaster that…
Drivers On Cell Phones Slow Down Traffic
When I'm driving, I don't use my cell phone, but many of you do (legally, of course with a hands-free device). And it's not just your imagination that the car ahead of you is moving slower when the driver is using a cell phone...it is!

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