Every time I drive up Clinton Street in Whitesboro I decide to make a call. Then I remember why I should wait because inevitably my call drops out or the recipient of the call can't hear me. The reason is the service for some reason there, all the way to Middle Settlement Road is awful. It got me thinking, why in the world do some areas of Central New York have such bad service?

In today's day and age with new cell phone towers going up all the time, why are certain heavily populated areas dead spots? I am sure there is some scientific or technological reason for it, but honestly it makes no sense at all. So, I decided to reach out to my fellow CNY residents to find other areas that have poor cell phone reception for no apparent reason. The response was plentiful and quite shocking in some cases.

Here is a list of some of the areas around the Mohawk Valley and beyond with poor cell phone reception, according to travelers.

  1. Clinton Street in Whitesboro
  2. State Route 12 (Between Glass Factory Road and Poland Exits)
  3. Oneida Street in South Utica (Certain portions, specifically near Calvary Cemetery)
  4. Albany Hill in Frankfort
  5. Oxford Road in New Hartford (Certain portions)
  6. Paris Road in New Hartford (Top)
  7. Valley View Road in New Hartford (Top)
  8. Woodlawn Avenue E in South Utica
  9. Cosby Manor Road & Coventry Avenue in Deerfield
  10. Route 291 in Marcy (Between Psych Center and School)
  11. Canterbury Road in New Hartford
  12. Fountain Street in Clinton (Near Hannaford)
  13. Hartwick, NY (Period)
  14. North Utica (Near Jefferson Elementary School)
  15. Route 5 (Between New Hartford and Kirkland)
  16. Higby Road (Near Hughes Elementary School)
  17. New Hartford Town Park Area
  18. Most of Norton Avenue in Clinton
  19. Woodberry Road in New Hartford
  20. North Utica Walmart
  21. Route 49 (From Rome to Oriskany)
  22. Route 233 in Westmoreland (Near Post Office)
  23. Dix Road in Westmoreland (Towards Rome)
  24. Route 12 (The Arterial between Court and Downtown Exit)
  25. Judd Road (Near Coleman Mills Road)

I realized as I was typing all these that there are several dead spots and it's so hard to keep up with all the submissions. SO, I've decided to embed my Facebook post to see the continuing responses. You can add your own suggestions there! It's an annoying problem and is evidenced by this tremendous response.

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