Destiny USA Surprise
Imagine you are doing a little shopping at Destiny USA in Syracuse and decide to grab a bite to eat. You're not looking for anything too fancy, just a quick meal to satisfy your hunger. All of a sudden a waiter in a tuxedo drops by your table and places a nice fancy table cloth under your Popeye's C…
Who Pays The Bill On A Date?
You're on a date. The bill comes. Who pays? Guys, do you jump to grab the check? Or, do you prefer to split the bill 50/50? Well, according to a survey from Cosmo and Askmen, 33 percent of women expect the man to foot the bill for most of the dates they go on. How 'bout that 50/50 split of…
Cellphones And Dates Not So Perfect Combination
Yes, it's National Cellphone Courtesy Month (click the link to read more about it) and that means people should be more self-aware of their cellphone usage, right? What do you think about people who use their cellphones while on a date? That's not very good cellphone etiquette. But, it does happen a…
Cheesy One-Liners Do Work, Guys
That's right, according to, 60 percent of women polled say they are more likely to fall for a guy if he approaches her and breaks the ice with a "light-hearted one-liner."
Dating Expectations
How much do you spend on a date? Guys, how much money do you shell out when you take your sweetheart out for dinner? According to an interesting new survey, men are three times more likely than women to think there are monetary expectations when going out on a date.