On September 12, 2016 at 11:30 am 9 year-old Colin Toland was sworn-in as the newest police officer for the Ithaca Police Department. Officer Toland took the oath of office in front of 150 fellow police officers, firefighters, and EMS workers. Officer Toland was joined by approximately 300 people from the greater Ithaca community as well as his entire 4th grade class at Northeast Elementary School! Officer Toland's father held his hand as his mother pinned his badge on him. Please join Chief Barber and the rest of the Ithaca Police Department in welcoming Officer Toland to the IPD Family.

Colin has been battling brain cancer on-and-off since he was 2-years-old, and his bravery and fight is what any police department would want on their force. It's stories like these that give police officers a GOOD name. Most men and women in blue put on their uniforms every day to protect and serve people in the communities in which they live, and work. They are guardians, they are peace makers, and they only hope to bring smiles to people. That is what this entire police department did for Colin. It's important for all forces across the country to look at the example set by Ithaca. God bless Officer Toland, and his whole family. Keep him in your prayers that he may make a full recovery so he can focus on the important things, like crime fighting.

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