Over the past year Utica has seen quite a few new restaurants open up shop. We're taking a look back at all the tasty goodness that arrived in Central New York in 2016.

From beef to pasta and even health food, we have an awesome selection of brand new eateries. Here are some of our favorites!

Core Life Eatery

Photo Courtesy: Core Life Eatery New Hartford

Core features hearty bowls that are complete meals in themselves featuring greens, grains and bone broths. All ingredients are free of GMO’s, trans fats, artificial colors, sweeteners and other artificial additives. Chicken and steak are sustainably raised, and never ever given antibiotics or hormones.

Texas Roadhouse

Enjoy drinks from the star bar including their legendary margarita’s or a Kenny’s Cooler, inspired by Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Coconut Rum. For dinner, order a hand-cut steak, blooming onion or fall-off-the-bone ribs, all with fresh baked bread and cinnamon butter.

Kraze Burgers

“Kraze Burgers” isn’t just your regular hamburger or cheeseburger place – They were originally founded in South Korea, and they offer unique flavors inspired from the company’s South Korean roots along with traditional American burgers.

Five Guys Burgers And Fries - North Utica

Five Guys

The famous burger joint opened its first restaurant in Utica in 2016. Their famous burgers aren't complete without a gigantic order of their hand cut french fries!


The old Ponderosa in New Hartford has been turned into a Denny's! Breakfast all day anyone?

La Famiglia


A new Italian restaurant has opened up in New Hartford. Where the old Defazio’s Pizza used to be is now La Famiglia Family Restaurant. It didn't take the owners long to do some needed renovations and updates. Be sure to visit them on Genesee Street across from Daylight Donuts, and the old ‘It’s Showtime’ building.

Bone Yard BBQ

Andrew Derminio, TSM

‘Bone-Yard BBQ’ has gone from a food truck in New York Mills to a food truck and bar. The new location near the Roosevelt Plaza is perfect for what owners, Nick Giglio and Craig Manderson, have in mind for their business. Imagine it's about 5 o’clock and you get out of work. You’re in the mood for a pulled pork sandwich and a bottle of beer. This will be the perfect venue for it.

Craylee's Diner

Craylee's via Facebook

The revitalization of downtown Utica continued in 2016 with the Grand Opening of Craylee’s Diner on Bleeker Street. The latest breakfast and lunch eatery is a prime example of new life in the downtown area.

Sweet Escapes Chocolate Lounge

Try the Rum and Raisin Truffles at Sweet Escape. Plump juicy raisins are soaked in rum for 24 hours and mixed into a Belgian milk chocolate ganache. Next, the truffles are hand rolled and coated in cocoa powder. The Chocolatiers at Sweet Escape proudly proclaim: “This is definitely a two bite chocolate!” Sweet Escape Chocolate Lounge is located at 252 Genesee Street; the former site of Tebb’s.

Woodland Hop Farm

Luke Austin, TSM

Woodland Hop Farm is not a restaurant but we needed to mention it anyway. Opening in early 2016, the area's newest brewery has some of the best beer you will taste. With a beer style for everyone and a relaxed atmosphere, Woodland is a fantastic place to grab a brew and enjoy the beautiful views of the Mohawk Valley from their patio!

Ok now we're hungry, good thing we have plenty of options!

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