A popular downtown Utica restaurant will soon be opening a new Whitesboro location, with a slight rebrand and tweaked menu.

A Taste of Laos downtown will be closing its doors on Saturday, Jan. 22nd in order to prepare for a move to 34 Oriskany Boulevard, in the plaza across from Whitesboro Middle School. It will be another couple weeks before the new location officially opens, but when they do, the restaurant is set to be rebranded as Karma Asian Fusion Cuisine. In a Facebook post, the business was excited to unveil their new sign from Utica Sign and Graphics.

courtesy of A Taste of Laos
courtesy of A Taste of Laos

A Taste of Laos has built a strong following in the Utica area since moving to Bank Place three years ago. The original location was tucked inside the Utica Brews Café on Court Street, which has since closed. The Asian fusion eatery was started by the Velardi family and is run by Jonann Velardi, a Laotian-American born in Utica. They offer Laotian-inspired dishes like chicken satay, spring rolls, and build-your-own "Buddha bowls."

A recent post on the Taste of Laos Facebook page read:

"A new location, a new menu means a new name... it is with pride we present to you, Karma, our new Asian Fusion restaurant... This menu is a collaboration of some traditional Asian dishes as well as fun and new recipes with a twist."

The new location and rebrand is coinciding with a heavy remodel on the Bank Place building, which could take up to a year. When completed, the remodeled Bank Place may serve as a second location.

For updates on Karma Asian Fusion's official opening date, follow the Taste of Laos Facebook page.

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