You would think our region would be considered the food capital of the state of New York. With everything that we have, from Chicken Riggies and Utica Greens, to Tomato Pie and Half Moons, it only seems appropriate for us to hold that title.

There's so many amazing restaurants in Utica. This is a great resource if you're looking for some new places to try, or you're just looking for some place to start.

From A to Z: Utica Restaurants You Need To Try At Least Once

From A to Z, here's just some of the restaurants here in Utica that you need to try at least once.

Can You Match These Fish Frys To Central NY Area Restaurants?

Konrad Mozdzen used the pandemic as a time to conduct an experiment. He tried 69 different restaurant's Fish Fry and determined his favorites. Can you match the photos to his list?

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