Is your New Years resolution in 2018 to eat healthier? These 10 restaurants across Central New York will help you keep that goal. 

We did a search on Yelp with the subject "Healthy Food" and these were the top rated choices across CNY:

*Each restaurant is rated on a scale of 1-5 stars. 1 being bad, 5 being the best.

1) The Tailor and the Cook

Located in Utica, they have over 153 reviews with a score of 5 stars. Need a healthy local option? Try this.


2) Zeina’s Cafe

Zeina's in Utica offers amazing lebanese, greek, and mediterranean options. All healthly, and all amazing. With over 96 reviews, they have a score of 4.5 stars.


3) Tramontane Cafe

The Tram in Utica offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes that all taste great. With 68 reviews, they have been rated 4.5 stars.


4) Karam’s Middle East Bakery

Karam's of Yorkville offers phenomenal food at low prices. Most dishes are very healthy too. With 35 reviews they have been rated 4.5 stars.


5) Cafe Hummus

Hummus is a very healthy snack. Why not enjoy it in Utica? With 24 reviews, they have been rated 4.5 stars.


6) Spressos Coffee House

Spressos of Rome has plenty of healthy drinks and dishes to choose from. With 18 reviews, they have been rated with 4.5 stars.


7) CoreLife Eatery

CoreLife has two locations. One in Syracuse and New Hartford. 124 reviews ranks them at 4 stars.


8) Strong Hearts On The Hill

Strong Hearts of Syracuse offers great smoothies and shakes. The food is very delicious and healthy! 25 reviews rank them at 4.5 stars.


9) Strong Hearts Cafe

They make the list twice! One location near SU and the other in Syracuse as well. This location offers great kale salads. 348 reviews rank them at 4 stars.


10) New Century

New Century of Syracuse offers healthy vietnamese dishes. You can find them in Syracuse. They have over 200 reviews ranked at 4 stars.



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