We all have bad hair days, unless you don't have hair. Although women usually talk about bad hair days more than men, guys have them too. Now, a new study by TotalBeauty.com has rated the 10 worst cities for bad hair, based on weather and other conditions.

Here's the 10 worst:

10. New Orleans (humid and wet)

9. Tuscon, AZ  (too much sun and hard water)

8. Houston (hot, humid and hard water)

7. Fresno, CA (sunny and polluted)

6. Pensacola, FL (too wet)

5. Phoenix, AZ (nation's most extreme climate and hard water)

4. Las Vegas (desert climate, dry and sunny can scorch hair)

3. Pittsburgh (too polluted)

2. Olympia, WA (many rainy days and very humid air)

And, the number one worst place for bad hair days is: Corpus Christi, TX (hot, humid, hard water and only a few beauty salons)

I'm glad to see that Utica, Rome, Mohawk Valley and the North Country cities and towns didn't make the list!