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The Reason You Have Bad Breath and How to Fix It
One of the worst qualities a person can have is bad breath. Bad breath usually comes in the morning and after meals, which is normal, but if you have constant bad breath there is a reason for it and you need to consider making a few changes to prevent it.
The Best Sweat-Busting Deodorants
Part of my morning routine--and, more than likely than not, yours--is rolling or spraying on some deodorant. Over the years I've tried a number of different brands based mostly on what is on sale. There are, however, some brands that rate highly and here they are.
11 Year Old Invents Musical Old Spice Stick [VIDEO]
Move over Bill Gates. Here comes another creative mind with an invention that will start out a man's day with some mighty inspiration while eliminating his perspiration. 11 year old Quinn Sheeran has come up with the ultimate gift to mankind, a stick of Old Spice deodorant that, when opened,&nb…
Worst Places For Bad Hair Days
We all have bad hair days, unless you don't have hair. Although women usually talk about bad hair days more than men, guys have them too. Now, a new study by has rated the 10 worst cities for bad hair, based on weather and other conditions.