Part of my morning routine--and, more than likely than not, yours--is rolling or spraying on some deodorant. Over the years I've tried a number of different brands based mostly on what is on sale. There are, however, some brands that rate highly and here they are.

The Active tested a number of different brands and came up with their "Top 20". Check out the 5 highest rated.

1---Degree Men Adrenaline Series. It "performs well, goes on dry, has a decent scent and solid performance," according to our tester. "All in all, it kept a sweaty man dry during summer."
2--Right Guard Total Defense 5 PowerStripe. "This stuff was hard core," wrote our reviewer of Right Guard's five-point defense system that guarantees 72 hours of protection.
3--Brut 24-Hour Protection. Our reviewer thought it performed admirably when freshly applied. After a friendly bike race from Manhattan into Brooklyn, he found his armpits to be bone-dry, even as his head, chest and shoulders dripped sweat.
4--Dove Men+ Care Cool Silver . Despite having the lowest amount of active ingredient this offering from Dove kept our reviewer happy and dry, even on long, hard bike rides.
5--Speed Stick Power. This budget solid stick received the best score of any in our test, but was dragged down by middling online consumer reviews.

via 20 Sweat-Busting Antiperspirants | The Active Times.

While most of these seem geared for men there are several highly rated deodorants for the ladies in the "Top 20". Check out the full list here.


11-Year Old Invents Musical Old Spice Deodorant Stick

Move over Bill Gates. Here comes another creative mind with an invention that will start out a man's day with some mighty inspiration while eliminating his perspiration. 11 year old Quinn Sheeran has come up with the ultimate gift to mankind, a stick of Old Spice deodorant that, when opened, plays "The Theme From Rocky".