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Cueto’s CG Puts Mets In 0-2 Hole
Johnny Cueto gave up just two hits in a 122 pitch complete game that has the Kansas City Royals halfway to their first World Series title in 30 years. Backed by 10 hits and seven runs, the Royals easily took Game 2 of the series by a 7-1 won final, heading to Citi Field in New York with a 2-0 advant…
World Series Game#1 Tonight [VIDEO]
The "Fall Classic" is finally here...the "World Series" begins tonight at historic Fenway Park, as the Boston Red Sox hosts the St. Louis Cardinals in game one. When I was a kid, the World Series would have been over by now, but with new playoff schedules, the ser…
Baseball Playoffs Set To Start Today
The wild-cards teams have been determined and now it's time for the best teams in baseball to step up to the plate as the American League and National League begin their divisional series, the first step to a World Series berth. After the dust settled these are the match-ups.
World Series Game #1 Tonight – Who Will You Root For?
The World Series 2012 is here. So, if your team didn't make it, who do you root for? I had a winner on "Greg's Grill" noontime request hour yesterday, who said that he's a Yankee fan and doesn't care who wins. Hey, my team didn't make it to the series eithe…

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