Now that Major League Baseball is set for an exciting "World Series", I got thinking about what my favorite series was. Looking back, I would have to say that the 1979 series was one of my favorites. Why?

It was a series that pitted (no pun intended) the great 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates against the "Earl of Weaver's" Baltimore Orioles. The series went all seven games, with the Pirates coming out on top. Watching it on TV had even more excitement with sportscaster Howard Cosell making every hit, pitch and out an over-the-top dramatic moment.

Watching that series, I recall that the Pirates players wore different color combination uniforms just about every night! Plus, whenever they hit a home run at Three Rivers Stadium, the PA system would play their theme song for 1979, the Sister Sledge disco hit, "We Are Family". The words, "The Family" were even painted on the top of the Pirates dugout.

Here's a brief video review of the 1979 World Series:

Another reason why I have fond memories of the 1979 World Series is that my father was alive then, and we would call each other on the phone going back and forth about what was going on in the game. Good stuff.