new year predictions

2017 Predictions For The Mohawk Valley
In this past year a lot has happened in the area.  Some things were expected, others were not.  What is in store for us in the coming year?  Here are some staff predictions for 2017 in the Mohawk Valley.
-A late-winter snow storm will close some area schools for nearly a week…
My Predictions For 2014
No, I'm not a psychic, and I don't resemble Nostradamus, but I have some thoughts on what may come to pass, or not in 2014. So, I'm putting myself on the line with a few of "Greg's Predictions".
A Psychic’s Predictions For 2014
Ever since I was a kid, I always remembered seeing those tabloid newspapers at the grocery store cash register line, with the headline, "Psychics Predict New Year Events". I never kept track of how many of those predictions came to pass, so here are a few for 2014.
My Thoughts On The New Year
OK, many of us will make New Year's resolutions, predictions, and maybe make a little merry tonight on New Year's Eve. For what it's worth, I have a few Greg "Splashin'" McShea thoughts on the old and new year.
2011 Horoscopes
What does 2011 have in store for you?  The web site gives you some insight into your love live and career for the new year.