Ever since I was a kid, I always remembered seeing those tabloid newspapers at the grocery store cash register line, with the headline, "Psychics Predict New Year Events". I never kept track of how many of those predictions came to pass, so here are a few for 2014.

Getty Images, Hulton Archive

According to an article by Michel Nolan of "The Sun",

"Our friend, Judy Hevenly, a Los Angeles psychic, author and international lecturer, has compiled a list of predictions for 2014 on everything from a secret benefactor who comes to the aid of San Bernardino County to the U.S. unemployment rate going down to 6.8 and 6.4 percent in 2014.

Last year, I should point out, Judy correctly predicted that 2013 would bring the appointment of Susan Rice as national security adviser. Eric Garcetti would be elected the new mayor of Los Angeles, and San Bernardino would see “big trouble brewing.”

Here’s what she sees for 2014:

*Brazil is expected to win 2014 World Soccer Cup but don’t rule out the brilliant German team.

*Unemployment rate for U.S. to be down around 6.8 to 6.4 percent. Food prices rise, housing will slowly recover. U.S. economy growth recovery of 3.4 percent.

*Hillary Clinton to announce her run for the presidency midyear.

*In medical research, break-through for heart failure treatment; also a cure for staph-related skin infections and hepatitis C.

*Alkaline Antioxidant water helps Alzheimer’s symptoms to lessen and gout to go and migraines to vanish.

*Last year of reign for Queen Elizabeth.
*Academy Awards swept by “12 Years a Slave,” winning Best Movie, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor/Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Score.

*Chelsea Clinton announces pregnancy and has baby boy.

*Kate Middleton pregnant with second child.

*New minimum wage of $10 per hour.

*FDA gives approval to new quick treatments for lung cancer.

*Democrats retain the Senate in 2014.

For more Hevenly info, visit judyhevenly.com."