frog days of winter

How Can You Resist A Dancing Penguin?
Sometimes, the post-Christmas "Frog Days of Winter" can be a let down after the excitement of the holidays. So, doing my part to avoid having us slip into the winter blahs, I thought I would share a cute animal video with you.
Where’s The Rest Of The Popcorn?
Now that the holidays are over, and we're in the midst of the "Frog Days of Winter", we can concentrate on important questions in life. And one question that I have is "What happens to all of the popcorn in those three section popcorn cans"?
Happy 55th Birthday Patty Loveless
Another country star celebrates a birthday during the "Frog Days of Winter", 2012. Today, singer Patty Loveless is 55 years old, and we're featuring Patty's number one hit back in 1989..."Timber, I'm Falling In Love" on our "Country Classic…
Time To Make The Donuts
Maybe we're watching a little more TV during the cold "Frog Days of Winter". So, I thought a look back at another classic TV commercial might be in order. Remember the  "Time To Make The Donuts" ad campaign for Dunkin' Donuts back in the 1980s? The commercials featured a baker wh…
Last Year’s Habits Creeping Into New Year
Now that it's 2012 and the "Frog Days of Winter" roll on, some leftovers from 2011 may creep into the new year. Maybe you're more organized than some of us, but here are a few things that I seem to deal with at the start of every new year, and I'm sure I'm not a…
Giants QB Eli Manning 31 Today
Early in the new year, we have a celebrity birthday during the "Frog Days of Winter". Today's it's New York Giants Quarterback, number 10, Eli Manning celebrating his 31st birthday, and over the weekend, Eli got a great birthday gift, clinching the NFC East and now headin…
Thoughts For New Year’s Eve
As we are at the last day of the year during the "Frog Days of Winter", 2011, how about some food for thought. Even though it's not "Greg's Grill", where we usually share thoughts for the day at the end of the noontime request hour, I think a timely thou…
Predictions For 2012 – Will World End?
In these remaining hours of 2011 during the "Frog Days of Winter", the new year is knocking on the door. Ever since I can remember, those tabloid newspapers you see at the supermarket checkout have had cover stories entitled: "Psychics Predictions For New Year".
Happy 39th Birthday Dr. Watson
Here's another celebrity birthday during the "Frog Days of Winter", and today it's actor Jude Law celebrity his 39th. These days, you may know Jude Law for his portrayal of Dr. Watson in the current Sherlock Holmes films.
NFL On Christmas Eve And Christmas Night
Now that we're  in the "Frog Days of Winter". the NFL football season gets more serious for teams looking for playoff berths. And, a holiday gift from the NFL, there'll be 13 games played today, Christmas Eve.