Now that the holidays are over, and we're in the midst of the "Frog Days of Winter", we can concentrate on important questions in life. And one question that I have is "What happens to all of the popcorn in those three section popcorn cans"?

Maybe you received one of those over-sized cans of popcorn this Christmas, like I did. You know the ones that are divided into three sections: regular popcorn, cheese-flavored popcorn and caramel corn? I know once you start dipping your hand in, you can't stop eating the stuff.

So, here's the question. Where are the whole popcorn kernels once you've eaten your way through about two inches in each flavored section? It seems like after you get that popcorn level down  about a third of the way, all that remains underneath are popcorn crumbs, not whole popcorn kernels. What gives?

I wonder if the popcorn can manufacturers just top off each section of crumbs with whole popcorn, or maybe all that digging in with our hands simply mashes the whole kernels. Perplexing thoughts to think about during January (You know, I still eat the crumbs anyway).