Now that it's 2012 and the "Frog Days of Winter" roll on, some leftovers from 2011 may creep into the new year. Maybe you're more organized than some of us, but here are a few things that I seem to deal with at the start of every new year, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

With the new year here:

How many times will you write 2011 instead of 2012 on checks?

Will you settle the 21 st. century dilemma whether to  say twenty-twelve or two thousand twelve for the new year?

Will you scribble January doctor and dentist appointments on a December page of last year's calendar, because you can't seem to find a 2012 calendar?

Will you rush into the human resources office at work to see if you've got any leftover vacation time from 2011 that you forgot to take, and hope that if you didn't use it, you won't lose it?

Will you keep referring to the new year as "the new year" well into February?

Or, will you have everything organized, lined-up and ready to hit the ground running in sync with the new year? (Ooops...just wrote 2011 on another check, have to tear that one up too. The check printing companies are going to make out like bandits).