As students head back to school, parents who have kids involved in sports, can get ready to drive those kids to and from practices and games.  It's Day Three of my Passat story and luckily The 2012 Volkswagon Passat has room for all the sporting equipment my kid is hauling around along with her teammates.

My daughter is the goalie for her school's field hockey team.  Have you seen the size of the bag they have to lug around?  Its as big as a hockey bag.  And when you have to drive her teammates home, one of whom is also a goalie, the trunk space becomes a problem if you're not driving a van.  The 2012 Volkswagon Passat has almost enough trunk room for the entire field hockey team.  I could almost put my golf clubs in the trunk with 2 goalie bags.

The 2012 Passat is so sleek your kids won't ask you to drop them off 2 blocks from school.  They'll want to show up in front of their friends getting out of this car, especially if they are old enough to drive.  Now they'll just have to talk you into letting them drive.  Thankfully my daughter isn't old enough, yet.

Don't forget the 2012 VW Passat is made right here in America at a plant in Tennessee.  Watch how the Passat is made in the video below. And in addition to the 3 year or 36 thousand mile warranty, Volkswagon also provides three years of free maintenance.  No more worrying about when to take your vehicle in for service.  The Passat will remind you when its time.

Check back tomorrow to see what else I’ll discover on the 2012 Passat.  Take a look for yourself online or take a test drive at Rome Volkswagon.  Tell them Polly Wogg sent you.