It's Day Four of my Passat story and thankfully the 2012 Volkswagon Passat has a built in GPS.   The flooded roads make it difficult to get to where you need to go, especially if you don't know the area well.  But with the built in GPS, getting to work this morning was a breeze.   

In addition to the GPS, the Passat has awesome windshield wipers.  They are like mini squeegees.   Tropical Storm Lee is no match for this car.  It handled well on the wet roads too.  Never once did I feel the car slip and slide on the pavement.  It's nice to feel in control even in this weather.   It's even nicer to be able to enjoy heated seats during the last few dreary, cold, wet days.  The only downside is the recent weather is making it impossible to enjoy the sunroof. 

The keyless entry is a bonus.  I don't have to stand in the pouring rain, fighting with my keys, to get in the Passat.  Just put your hand on the door handle and it automatically opens, saving time and keeping you from ruining your hair or clothes.  Press the outside of the handle when you get out and it locks too.  A key is never really needed for the VW Passat.

Tomorrow will be a sad day when I have to return the Passat to Rome Volkswagon.  I will look forward to the vehicle I'll get to drive next month.