Imagine being given a free car to drive.  Sounds nice right?  The 2012 Passat is my new car for the next week thanks to Volkswagon of Rome

I've never driven a Passat.  I've never even driven a Volkwagon, so this will be an experience.  All I know about the VW Passat is it was the car in the SuperBowl Darth Vadar commercial.  You remember, the one with the kid dressed in a Vadar suit, moving things with his mind.  So cute.  If you haven't seen it or just want to watch it again, you can check it out below.

I pick up the new car later today.  We'll take pictures and post them next week, so check back.  I haven't driven a new car in 8 years.  And let's not forget that new car smell.  Oh, there's nothing like it.