Former American Idol David Cook returned to mentor the Top 8 for 80s week, a decade when none of the Idols were even born.  I was really looking forward to this week since 80s music is my all time favorite, but it was a little boring. Dexter Roberts delivered an average performance of 'Keep Your Hands to Yourself.' CJ Harris' 'Free Fallin'' was a bit better.  Thankfully rocker Caleb Johnson saved the night with the Journey classic 'Faithfully.'

Caleb Johnson

They say you save the best for last. Rocker Caleb Johnson finally showed the judges what they've been wanted for weeks, a softer side. He also showed the other contestants the difference between being a good singer and being a great performer with Journey's classic hit 'Faithfully.' If it wasn't for Caleb's performance, the night would have almost been a waste.

Caleb Johnson 'Faithfully'

Dexter Roberts

Dexter Roberts brought a little country rock with 'Keep Your Hands To Yourself.' Although he sounded good, he once again, didn't do anything original. Dexter's performance was good enough to keep him safe for another week, but if he wants a career in country music, he's going to have to find a way to not sound like every other country singer.

Dexter Roberts 'Keep Your Hands To Yourself'

CJ Harris

CJ Harris put his own twist on Tom Petty's 'Free Fallin,' but fell flat on a note or two. I think he'll be safe this week too, but it's key to sing in key. Sooner or later his pitch problems are going to catch up with him.

CJ Harris 'Free Fallin''

The judges tried to save the less than entertaining night with a few antics. Harry Connick Jr jumped into the crowd, and Keith Urban got into the 80's theme, walking out with a #BillyRayUrban mullet.

One will go home tonight on Fox at 9pm. It could be anyone but Caleb. Malaya Watson butchered 'Through the Fire.' Sam Woolfe, who was saved last week, didn't improve much with 'Time After Time.' Jessica Meuse lacked the emotion in Blondie's 'Call Me.' Jena Irene's strange version of 'I Love Rock & Roll' fell flat and Alex Preston took 'Every Breath You Take,' a stalker song and turned it into a love song. Weird

Alex Preston 'Every Breath You Take'

80s music is my favorite and I was so looking forward to this week, but the lackluster performances and poor song choices left me disappointed. It's 80s week people! Where's Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Poison, Queen or Mellancamp?

My money is on Malaya, who was the worst of the worst, being sent home. Who do you think it'll be?