This year was our 29th FrogFest, that means that for almost 30 years Big Frog 104 has been bringing you the best country music has to offer right here in Central New York. We hit the parking lot at FrogFest 29 this year to hear some of your memories.

We talked to first time FrogFest fans, and multiple time FrogFest fans to find out your favorite acts, venues and memories.

While many people say they miss FrogFest at Verona Beach, everybody was happy to be at the Utica-Rome Speedway in the sunshine getting ready for Chris Janson and all our awesome acts at FrogFest 29.

The funniest thing you may see in the video is that nobody can seem to remember the act from their first FrogFests. Maybe the beer was flowing a little fast back in those days.

The was one thing that everybody agreed on though, and that was FrogFest is the perfect place to bring friends and family to enjoy each others company and great country music!


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